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The Registrar may in his discretion issue Extracts of Title. Normally, he will not issue to persons except in the following cases :
(a) upon application of the registered proprietor or other interested person who requires such extracts as evidence in Court;
(b) upon application of Advocates and Solicitors who require such extracts as evidence in Court;
(c) upon request of a Court;
(d) upon application of licensed auditors who require such evidence for audit purposes under any written law;
(e) for departmental purposes; and
(f) for any other purpose in respect of which an extract is considered necessary.

"Document of Title" means a grant, lease of State Land, Occupation Ticket or other documents evidencing title to land whenever issued but does not include a T.O.L., permit or caveat. There are several types of Documents of Title subsisting in Sarawak which are either issued before or after the Sarawak Land Code (Cap. 81). In the case of loss of issue document of title, the registered proprietor or chargor or chargee have to execute statutory declaration pursuant to Sect.128 of Sarawak Land Code. The notice will be published in the gazette. After 1 month, the new issue document of tittle will be issued. In the case of mutilated, defaced or worn out titles, it may be replaced pursuant to Sect. 195(b) of Sarawak Land Code.


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