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1.Encroachment on the State Land
2.How to unlock/reset your eLASIS account or password?
3.Rates of Premium for Renewal of Land
4.Stamp Duty for Memorandum of Transfer (MOT)
5.Why your user account remains inactive or unable to log in even after online registration is completed?
6.Some reasons on why your product is not available for download.
7.Application for Premium Account or Basic Account?
8.Why you cannot search for locality of your land parcel or search for land title information?
9.What are the differences between Extract of Title, Printout of Title and Full Printout of Title?
10.How do I know if my transaction is successful and my purchased product(s) is ready?
11.How do I make purchase payments?
12.What are the payment options for eLASIS services?
13.How to upgrade to a eLASIS Premium User Account?
14.How do I register for a Basic User Account?
15.What are the differences between Basic User Accounts and Premium User Accounts?
16.What are the system requirement for eLASIS service?