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Welcome to eLASIS


eLASIS is provided by the Sarawak Land & Survey Department as an additional channel for the general Public to interact with and consume its services. It extends accessibility of the Department both beyond its physical offices and beyond its normal operating hours.

Almost all of the services in eLASIS are provided free, for example land rent and premium enquiry; however, some services have nominal fees. All products purchased through eLASIS carry the same price as if one is to purchase them over the counter.

eMap (Online Map Sales)

Search our on-line catalogue for maps, plans, orthophotos & aerial photographs. If you find what you need, select & drop them into a shopping cart, pay up and eMap will deliver the products you purchased over the web to you. Some products are restricted and may require you to apply for permits separately.


eRent (Land Rent & Premium Enquiry)

Check if your land rent and premium are paid up to date. This is a FREE service.



eLodgement (Online Lodgement of Land Instruments)

Enables law firms in Sarawak to do on-line submissions of the full range of legal instruments pertaining to land dealings. The system processes these submissions and will electronically lodge them if they are found to be in order.


eSubmission (Online Submission of Survey Jobs)

Enables Licensed Land Surveyors to do online submission of relevant documents of a completed survey jobs. The system provides facility for the Surveyors to manage jobs and track job submissions.


eSearch (Land Registry Search)

eSearch is a system that enables the general public to search for and purchase information related to Land Titles and Strata Titles in the form of Print out of Title and Extract of Title. This system is available 24/7 and the products will be available once payment has been successfully made.