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What is eLASIS?

eLASIS is provided by the Sarawak Land & Survey Department as an additional channel for the general Public to interact with and consume its services. It extends accessibility of the Department both beyond its physical offices and beyond its normal operating hours.

Almost all of the services in eLASIS are provided free, for example land rent and premium enquiry; however, some services have nominal fees. All products purchased through eLASIS carry the same price as if one is to purchase them over the counter.

Special Features

  • Easy user registration
  • Secure & real time payment channel
  • Instant product download upon payment completion
  • Service available 24 hours
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Fast user support

Technical Support: 1-300-88-SAINS or 1300-88-7246

Our Services & Products

eRent enables the general public to check and pay your land rent and premium. 
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eSearch is an online application that enables the general public to search for and purchase information related to Land Titles...
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Search our online catalogue for maps, plans, orthophotos & aerial photographs. If you find what you need, select...
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Type of dealing available under ePD is permission to Transfer, permission to Charge, permission to Sublease...
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eRLL is an online application for renewal of land lease which enables an immediate past owner or an existing...
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Enables law firms in Sarawak to do online submissions of the full range of legal instruments pertaining to land dealings...
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Enables Licensed Land Surveyors to do online submission of relevant documents of a completed survey job...
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Enables the general public to check the current status of their land application....
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Enables the Licensed Land Surveyors to do online submission for strata title application and Type B survey job...
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Land Surveyors can extract survey data by searching and selecting from parcel lot / parcel peg / parcel line / traverse peg...
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TOL Management System (TMS) enables public to deal with Temporary Occupation License (TOL) matters online.
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Smart Enforcement is established to facilitate users to make transactions related to Licence to Remove Rock Material (Earth, Sand and Gravel and Limited) online.
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Mobile LASIS

We're now on mobile!

Feel free to try out our mobile version of Mobile LASIS for Android and IOS smartphone.

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